The effect of romantic relationships on our lives

Our relationships, good or bad, have an impact on our personality. For that reason, many people are afraid of falling in love, making sure no other person changes them in a way that they cannot control. You cannot influence what effect your SO will have on you, and what you would do for them. But is this change really that bad? Isn’t it something that makes us better?

If you’re coming out of a bad relationship, you will realize the positive effects it’s had on your life later. But let’s take a look at some of the fundamental, unavoidable changes:

– Improved ability to compromise
– Learning to be patient
– Being more understanding
– Better problem solving
– Becoming more selfless and giving

Humans by nature are selfish and want things to be good for themselves foremost. The only thing that can change this state of mind is being in love or having children. But, as we now, romantic love lasts for 3 years at most. There are of course exceptions, but so far, I have met none. As mentioned, only the love and affection for another person makes it possible for you to prioritize their happiness and wellbeing, instead of your own.

It is obvious that a relationship brings numerous positive changes into our lives, making us better people. Why is it then, that with the passing of time, most of us become selfish? Why do we destroy our own relationships? It is important to note that humans are not monogamous. But, taking everything into consideration, love is the only thing that can bring true happiness into our lives.