Flirt! Advice to consider for women

Nothing makes you more attractive than flirting with someone. By flirting with someone, you increase their confidence, and they will love to have you as company. In the beginning of relationships, we fall in love with someone for how they treat us, and not the person themselves. Only after this period do we start to love the person for who they are.

If you make the other person feel attractive and desirable, they will fall in love faster.

Men like when a woman is content with herself, down-to-Earth, honest and doesn’t throw tantrums.

Something that all men find very alluring is FEMININITY. Masculine men like feminine women. The more feminine you are, the more masculine they can be with you. Feel, live, breathe your femininity, and just wait to see the man wanting to be Yours more than ever.

Men can’t resist female attraction. This attraction works even when you are not the perfect woman. By being polite, considerate, and a good listener, you can easily enchant anyone. If you are charming, others will feel comfortable when being with you and won’t have a fear of you setting high expectations. Having casual conversations is an art that can and must be learned!

Many men fight to have an “easygoing” conversation with the Goddess, because they love to just hang around and talk to a women of their liking.